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MyCorridor Workshop : Mobility-as a-service across borders
Mobility-as a-service across borders
Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece09 Feb 2018

Ageing better IN real LIFE!
Ageing better IN real LIFE! Technology enabled strategies and tools for supporting older adults liv1...
Madrid, Spain17 Jan 2018

SKILLFUL project conference
The aim of the conference, to be held on 20th October in Brussels, is to present the results of the 1...
Brussels, Belgium20 Oct 2017

1st Pan-European SAFE STRIP Workshop
The SAFE STRIP project Consortium will organize its 1st Pan-European Workshop to be held on Septembe1...
Thessaloniki, Greece27 Sep 2017

Workshop on Accessible Transportation
The Hellenic Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT) would like to invite you to a Workshop on Accessibl1...
Thessaloniki, Greece27 Sep 2017

 The InstituteDevelopment Strategy     

Development Strategy

During 15 years of operation, the Hellenic Institute of Transport has actively undertaken research activities that cover all aspects of the Transportation sector. Obtaining strong competences in transport research, the Hellenic Institute of Transport has achieved excellence in a wide scope of areas, such as:

•         Clean vehicle technologies for land, and maritime transport: Emphasis in participation in the European ‘Green Cars Initiative’ programme focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles, fuel cells and relevant intelligent transport (member of EGVIA).

•         Sustainable mobility research (Thessaloniki sustainable Mobility scheme).

•         Environmental and climate change: Climate change mitigation measures - Energy efficient use of the ‘vehicle-driver’ system, and eco-driving.

•         Clean Energy in transport: Use of hydrogen and cell technologies especially in connection with the “Energy Corridor” initiative of CERTH.

•         Security of the supply chain. 

•         Urban freight Transport and logistics.

•         Safety of Vulnerable Road Users, with emphasis on: motorcycle aids (ARAS and OBIS), systems for safe transportation of children to/from school, elderly and disabled pedestrians and cyclists’ protection measures.

•         Electric cars and electro mobility.

•         Innovation production and industry uptake of research results.

•         Accessibility and inclusiveness of solutions in Transport and Tourism.


The Hellenic Institute of Transport is further expanding its research activities over to new important sectors for the future of Transportation in Greece and Europe, setting the following Strategic Goals:

1.      Emergence of CERTH/ HIT as a key National Center for Research.

2.      Emergence of CERTH/ HIT as a Statutory Body.

3.      Development of Focused Excellence and Innovation Centres.

4.      Emergence of the Tourism Sector as even one of the Institute’s Research Poles.

5.      Promotion of the Maritime Transport and Shipping sector.

6.      Promotion of Transport Issues related to the Energy and Environment.

7.      Exploitation and further development of CERTH/ HIT Research Infrastructure.

8.      Continuation and strengthening of the close cooperation of CERTH/ HIT with the other Institutes of CERTH.

9.      Coordinated Know-how Transfer of CERTH/ HIT to the country’s Productive Fabric (through key partnerships), but also to the society.

10.  Targeted exploitation of the Institute’s research results and expertise. 

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