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Cooperation OF H.I.T. in the Postgraduate Studies Program “Design, Organization And Managment of Transport Systems"

 Among the key priorities of HIT is the organization of educational seminars and educational activities  aiming at the practical implementation and dissemination of research results and providing specialized training in the field of transport.

  • H.I.T.’s Involvement in the “Planning, Operation and Management  of Transport Systems” Postgraduate Studies Programme.

Recognizing the importance of planning, organizing and managing of the transportation system at a local, regional, national and supranational level, H.I.T.  in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) Schools of Civil Engineering and Rural & Survey Engineering jointly run the cross – disciplinary postgraduate programme of study titled: “Planning, Operatioon and Managementof Transport Systems”. The aim of the programme is to provide high standards of education, with an international and European orientation and with the involvement of renowned and acclaimed educational institutions -based in Greece and abroad.

For more information visit: http://pgtransport.civil.auth.gr

  • Seminar on “Eco-Driving methods and training”.

The Seminar focuses on Eco-Driving and on how the use of existing, tools and ITS systems can be utilized and further adapted and extended to result to concrete methods and training initiatives in this sector. The Seminar, was first organised   within the framework of the Decomobil European project, and provides the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on future research, as well as on the actors to be involved on the diffusion and application of the results of this work.

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