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HIT has a permanent and solid cooperation with AUTH in Thessaloniki, Greece, and more specifically with the Transport Laboratory of Transport Engineering, Civil Engineering Department and the Transport Research Team of the Transport and Hydraulic Works, Rural - Surveying Engineering Department. This cooperation constitutes mainly to the participation of HIT in the organization and carrying out of the Postgraduate Studies in Transports, which began (for the first time in Greece) in September 2003.

HIT also cooperates systematically with the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (SES) organizing together the Conference on Transportation Research in Greece that takes place every two years. They also cooperate on many other conferences and events.Finally, based on the studies and research programmes undertaken by HIT, it has cooperated and keeps cooperating with the main institution of the country in the field of transport: Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Aegean, Ministry of Public Works, Region of Central Macedonia, OSE, OASA, SASTH, OLTh.
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