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MyCorridor Workshop : Mobility-as a-service across borders
Mobility-as a-service across borders
Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece09 Feb 2018

Ageing better IN real LIFE!
Ageing better IN real LIFE! Technology enabled strategies and tools for supporting older adults liv1...
Madrid, Spain17 Jan 2018

SKILLFUL project conference
The aim of the conference, to be held on 20th October in Brussels, is to present the results of the 1...
Brussels, Belgium20 Oct 2017

1st Pan-European SAFE STRIP Workshop
The SAFE STRIP project Consortium will organize its 1st Pan-European Workshop to be held on Septembe1...
Thessaloniki, Greece27 Sep 2017

Workshop on Accessible Transportation
The Hellenic Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT) would like to invite you to a Workshop on Accessibl1...
Thessaloniki, Greece27 Sep 2017

SKILLFUL project Workshop
The SKILLFUL project organizes a Workshop titled “Future Requirements & Training Challenges in Road 1...
Thessaloniki, Greece26 Sep 2017

SAFE STRIP online survey
SAFE STRIP launches user needs survey for C-ITS industry
Thessaloniki, Greece02 Aug 2017


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