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HIT has obtained in 2003 a virtual reality system. This is a power-wall VR system and is used for the realization of structural, ergonomics, safety and other assessment analyses, which require the simulation of a series of various procedures, performed by the Hellenic Institute of Transport.

For the implementation of the above research scopes, the VR system has adapted a number of software tools, which give the potential for the visualization and manipulation of 2D and 3D CAD files in immersive environment, including cuts, disassemblies, measurements, rotations, lightning, etc. in real time. This application framework is useful for engineers during the phase of design and revision and moreover for the product’s marketing and exploitation, by means of their demonstration. By means of the use of human models and their multiple parameterizations, there is also the potential for Human Factor and Risk Analyses, before the final physical product is to be produced and commercially exploited. It is a cost-effective and flexible tool aiming at the qualitative product advancement.

There are a lot of software tools that can be adapted in the HIT VR system aiming at the implementation of more complex and specialized analyses, as an example the IVersim-3D is used to analyze functional designs for people with disabilities.  The potential for the system advancement to a three, four, five or six walls system (VR cave) is considered as a foreseen and feasible perspective within near future

Events and News
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